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How to improve the equipment process and increase the flatness of woven bags?


Improve equipment and process to increase the flatness of woven bags

To solve the problem of uneven printing and low tensile strength of single filament after laminating plastic woven bags. The woven bag factory has conducted a technical analysis of the products based on long-term practical experience. After more than a year of skill improvement and equipment transformation, it has broken through the process requirements in previous textbooks and skill materials. Through process skill improvement, modification of processing equipment structure, and formulation of quality standards, the flatness of woven bags has been improved.

To overcome the problems of general plastic woven bags such as excessive twisting, weak ink, and uneven warp and weft density, there are many difficulties in their production capacity for customers: due to the single wire width of 0.2cm for ordinary plastic woven bags, there are 550 warp and 560 weft wires per square meter. To improve the flatness of woven bags, it is necessary to improve the process, equipment, and other aspects.

1. Replacing the traction gear speed ratio of the wire drawing machine, enhancing the tightening speed of the flat wire from a technological perspective, increasing the temperature of the oven, and then increasing the tension of the single wire after the flat wire is fixed at a constant temperature in the oven during the stretching process.

2. The speed of the weft take-up machine, speed control machine, and wire drawing machine are synchronized to achieve a balance between the tension and tension of the winding speed without spindle, and to change the diameter of the winding flat wire. It is balanced on the four shuttle weft thread without touching the warp thread.

3. Improve the diameter of the jump bar tension spring on the circular loom to enhance elasticity, and the tension spring is uniformly woven using cylindrical weaving; When the cam changes, the pressure in the cam and four comb directions is stable, and the force on each warp and weft is balanced, without forming twisted wires.

4. Improve the number of teeth in the force distance motor gear and force distance motor gear of the fabric receiving frame, enhance the tension of the fabric winding, balance the warp and weaving, and tighten the fabric winding shaft smoothly.

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